Fox caves to pressure from the left by ousting O’Reilly

By Stephen A. Innamorato, III

Fox News has decided to part with Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly is the highest rated host on cable-news television. The decision to terminate O’Reilly comes amid allegations that he sexually harassed and/or verbally abused female employees at the network. O’Reilly has denied all of the allegations.

Those who demanded O’Reilly’s firing come from the hard left of the political spectrum. They’re not fans of Fox’s fair and balanced style of reporting, nor do they appreciate O’Reilly’s more conservative views. For years now, leftists have been out to destroy Fox and O’Reilly.

Many of those same leftists were running interference for former President Bill Clinton back in the 1990s after he was caught having an adulterous affair with a White House intern. Clinton lied under oath about the affair in a sexual harassment lawsuit brought against him by Paula Jones. By the time Clinton was impeached, several other women had come forward to accuse Clinton of inappropriate sexual behavior and sexual abuse.

The late Senator Ted Kennedy was responsible for the death of a young woman in 1969. He was accused of other inappropriate behavior with women during his years in the Senate. The left still held him out as a hero of the Democratic Party right up until his death several years ago.

No crocodile tears are being shed here for O’Reilly. The point is the double standard and hypocrisy displayed by the left.

If the powers that be at Fox think they’re solving the problem by getting rid of O’Reilly, they’re sorely mistaken. The problem didn’t go away when Fox severed ties last year with CEO Roger Ailes following sexual abuse allegations. Fox’s critics on the left want to destroy the network.