Frank Ferreiro hands in Petitions for Elected School Board in west new york

Frank Ferreiro hands in Petitions for Elected School Board. Residents for a Better West New York says elected School board question will be on ballot in November. Group Leader Frank Ferrero says he submitted over 700 signatures to the clerk office on thursday.


  1. we are a bunch of clowns but at least we are trying to bring great changes to WNY,no matter what we look like

    • Yes, Frank, you are trying to bring great changes to WNY. But, why did you not push for an elected school board before now? We’ve had it for sooo many years and you just realized it now??
      I have no problem at all with an elected school board but I have a problem with you doing this in retaliation against Roque. It is not the good of the town what you have in your mind and heart, only to get even.

  2. Listen Erica,Roque is destroying our town and our school board go preach that crap to someone else.Roque is the worst leader WNY has ever had and a horrible father for involving his son in a crime and ruining his sons future not to mention everything else he is doing that you probably are not aware of cause you are on here riding his you know what….An elected school board will bring more representation to the peoples wishes and to our school system.So please go somewhere else with the Roque rah rah crap….

    • Frank, you just made my point, it is NOT the good of the town that is motivating you, only your hate towards Roque. If the issue is an elected school board, why are you are bringing up everything else that this man has supposedly done wrong? I agree that an elected school board will (probably) bring more representation but my original question was, why did you not do anything about it earlier, since we’ve had this type of board for as long as I can remember and you care so much about our town?
      Your calling my opinion crap twice will show people the type of person you are; how easy it is for you to give criticism and how difficult it is to take it in a respectful manner.
      And how do you dare to accuse me of benefiting from my comments? Do you know me by any chance? Why do you assume I know Roque? Is anybody who says something you don’t like a friend of Roque now? What cynicism!! This also shows you as a person who falsely accuses anybody that does not agree with you.

  3. Erica, what is your problem if the people don’t want a elected board all they have to do is
    vote against it!
    This has nothing to do with retaliation or getting even this is about improving our system
    and removing the corruption that has been going on

    • Hudson Resident,
      You didn’t do a good job reading my comments. I did not say we should not have an elected board. I agree, let the people decide and let us do what is best for our towns. But let us do it with a clean heart and for the right reasons, not out of vengeance.
      As far as the corruption, it has existed for many, many years. I know that for a fact and many people know that too. Where were you and Frank until now?

  4. To answer your question erica I was going to get involved against vega when it started coming to light of his wrong doings and a 38% tax increase but I did not have the means and was struggling to survive this crazy life,thats when i met Roque and I thought like many others that he would bring the necessary changes and help WNY prosper,shortly after I found out the type of man he was and well just sat back and watched to see what happens,he won the election and not a year went by when things started to come out and his lies became rather apparent then I started to get involved and thinking how WNY can become a better town thats when I realized an elected/school board and a Mayor/council form of gov would represent the residents better than the commission form.So Erica I am not fueled by hate,you assuming that I am is what I called crap because it is an assumption that is not correct,I dont hate Roque or none of them but I sure am going to point out all their wrong doings and i am surely going to try to bring what I think might put my town in forward motion to light.hate is a very strong word I try not to hate anyone,I just care about my town and will fight against those that are trying to ruin it….

    • Hi Frank, thank you for the explanation. I take back what I said about you being motivated by hate because, after some reflection, I realized I don’t know that for sure since I don’t know you or your circumstances. If your motivation is the correct one, keep on doing what you think is right for the town.
      But I will ask you to please think twice before accusing Roque of being a bad father. This is a very terrible thing to say about somebody and should be reserved for those who are truly and undeniably bad parents. Even if Roque did what he is accused of, that would not necessarily mean, by itself, that he is a bad father. In fact, he can still be a good father despite of that. I don’t want to get into a detailed explanation of this but, what parent is perfect or has never done anything wrong? And that would not mean they are bad parents. That accusation in particular is what I don’t think is fair and it will do nothing for the town and only possibly hurt the son.
      I have a sincere question for you. What makes you think that an elected school board will solve the types of problems that have existed for so long (such us people giving jobs to their friends, etc) With an elected school board the Mayor might not be able to do that, but other people would, isn’t this true?

  5. Erica, this is a simple answer by the democratic process if the Town feels the person isn’t
    doing the right thing, it’s simple!!! Get rid of them and vote for somebody else

  6. By the way..I do not advocate an elected Board Of Ed. In W.N.Y. I concur 100 percent with my Dad..Former, best and most honest, Mayor Anthony M. DeFino.

  7. First post didn’t go through.briefly corruption will not be solved by change of government ..or elected board of ed. It is an option rather than solution.The same politicians will now double in number and the budget of B.O.E. is three times that of the towns’.don’t fight me

  8. Mr. Defino, are you saying corruption is okay????? and by the way aren’t they fudging
    the numbers on the Bd of, however in the elected process at least you have
    the right of tossing these officials out!!!! otherwise it’s back to the same old lies and
    Good night.

  9. do I have to answer the question? for you maybe, absolutely no corruption is tolerable in any form whatsoever. still change in government change in forms does not solve corruption pic, yes we can choose like we chose Roque..if you do not get rid of Roqueand his cronies like ACOSTA (EL JEFE VERDAD)then we’re doomed to see the same old same old. Please don’t ever make me answer such an ignorant question again you must not know that I’m exactly like my father corruption is intolerable

  10. the solution is to put people’s honest as my father in elected office and allow them to do their due diligence and choose honorable and dignified people as my father did there are citizens who fit this description

  11. Erica first ill answer you then Tony Defino.erica I am a father,not the best father and in my eyes and in my opinion which may differ from yours,I feel if I as a father involved my child in anything that was illegal<i would never forgive myself.If you read the court transcripts there is detailed info of Roque asking his son to hack a persons website.He knows hacking is illegal,hiss son has his whole life ahead of him but now faces Federal charges,this to me constitutes a bad father.He may buy his son a Mercedes benz every week but that one action alone tell me what kind of man this person is.erica my reasoning for an elected board is probably as simple as 1=1=2 with an elected board the residents of WNY get to Elect the board members,its democracy if that one reason alone of WNYERS having a little more say and being able to elect the school board members and these members having to actually knock on your door and say Erica please vote for me my name is so and so and i will do this and that for your children as a board member if you elect me…just that right there Erica is enough reason to bring this change to WNY.It will not fix everything the srecond step is to get good people elected in but its democracy erica,its what we came to the US for.We get to vote.NOW FOR YOU MR. TONY DEFINO these are different times then thos of your great fathers time,its become very hard to find good honest people that will do the right thing and not sell out for money,being that times are so different we as the shareholders of WNY should be demanding this change which brings more democracy and more local representation to our city.maybe we will be able to sleep at night not worrying what the dictator will stir up next.With both Mayor/Council and Elected school board the residents get more representation and more of a say believe it or not and that is completely worth it in my eyes and little by little in most of WNYERS….Why do you think 80-90% of all cities and town in NJ run on Mayor/Council and with elected school boards,thats no coincedence,facts do not lie check it out for yourself only 7 Commission form of gov towns left and 3 of them have populations of less than 10,000…Tony this is what is right for our town you seen the light on it before and you will see it again.tell me you havent told me that fine you agree with them…next time im putting you on video saying it…lol