Freeholder Jose Munoz alleges that sample ballots were tampered with during school board election last week. West New York spokesman Pablo Fonseca said that Mayor Felix Roque’s administration had nothing to do with the ballots in question.


  1. Freeholder Munoz, again and again crying because he’s out!!! Why doesn’t he try
    working on improving the Towns which the people elected him to instead of the
    constant waterfalls.
    Please somebody get him a box of tissues!!!!!

  2. Sacco is The true puppeteer pulling all the strings. Everything that comes out of Munoz’s chubby little mouth has been well rehearsed with Herb Klitzner.

  3. This is not my sister Nicole posting. Nicole and My self are 100% for Mayor Felix Roque and his Administration. Mayor Roque and his Commissioners are doing the best job they can with what Vega and Sires left them. A WNY in shambles. All those poll workers questioned are backed by NB and the HCDO.