Freeholder Jose Munoz and Town Attorney Gilberto Garcia engage in verbal warfare at West New York Commissioner meeting. Munoz cited Garcia for having no experience in municipal government and receiving an ethics violation earlier in his career, while Garcia went off on a tirade regarding Munoz’s role as an FBI informant.


  1. Munoz and these people are representing candidates for the BOE, good luck
    Cheng and Palermo you really picked some winners to support you

  2. The one I see screaming and jumping is Gil Garcia, the attorney who is suppose to represent us. All Munoz is doing is exercising his freedom of speech. Roque left and hide in his office, he was afraid to answer Munoz questions.

    • Nicole D,
      Vilma, how do you dare say that? Gil Garcia is doing his job and Roque has many obligations so he could not be present. Be fair!

  3. Because these people support them they will be winners, if they were supported by Roque and company then there will be a different story.

  4. This is not the first time we have seen Mr. Garcia engage in this type of behavior. He has no sense of how an attorney is supposed to conduct himself. When he gets asked difficult questions he attacks verbally. We have seen it with Mr. Wiley on other occasions. This person should not be representing WNY. He is also double dipping in terms of salary and extra billings. At minimum it is unethical, but it is probably illegal also. Get rid of all of them. Look how Vargas and Frias just sit there it’s embarrassing to watch.

  5. Excellent points, WNYer for life. When Ms. Frias had the gavel at an earlier meeting, I asked her about conflict of interest on the planning board, mentioning specific names, asking her to look into it, as the bd of commissioners appoint pb members. She never followed up. Now she is a planning board member. She remained silent when one of her workers from her job at the parking authority came before the bd of commissioners asking for help.Mr. Munoz was respectful throughout that exchange. When that overpriced lawyer was clearly out of line and approached Mr. Munoz at least twice in a hostile manor, she appeared to do nothing.

  6. Gil Garcia is a moron! Roque is a Moron! The whole dam administration are morons! The Sade part is that Gil Garcia billed the town for his outburst. In fact Gilly boy billed West New York taxpayers over 400 thousand dollars for his sub-par performance as town council. Truth be told Gilly boy couldn’t survive as an attorney in the private sector. This leach couldn’t make it without sucking the taxpayer dry. Shame on you Gilly boy!