Freeholder Liggio announces retirement, HCDO backs Anthony Vainieri as replacement

Freeholder Liggio announces retirement, HCDO backs Anthony Vainieri as replacement. Thomas Liggio, the freeholder of district 8, announced this morning that he will not seek a fifth term this morning. The Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) has endorsed Anthony Vainieri as a potential replacement. Vainieri will face at least one opponent in the June primary in police Sgt. Henry Marrero.


      • Sheldon, somtimes the truth hurts. If you lived in North Bergen for any length of time. We all know what I’m talking aobut. It’s a shame Nick couldn’t pick a better canadiate .

        • Jack it’s really not a shame though obviously the Mayor is behind this Anthony guy so he has complete faith in him!!

  1. I will be supporting Tony Vainieri for Freeholder; the wealth of experiences really is impressive. Driving a State Senator, Mayor and Assistant Superintendent around for a living brings a level of knowledge to the utmost degree. North Bergen should be very proud to have such a distinguish caliber candidate. Good luck Tony you have my Vote!

      • I have always been a Sacco supporter but I must express how upsetting it was to see Anthony last week. I was invited out to meet up with friends that I haven’t seen since High School and when I went up to say Hi to Anthony he was inebriated. I went up to one of his close friends to make sure he was going to be alright and she told me “he’s fine” He’s actually in good shape compared to most nights. She thought this was funny and I walked away from this event very sad. I pray that Anthony will be a good leader for our community and that more important he realizes that he will have to make a searching and fearless moral inventory of himself.

        • Carol I’m sorry you felt that way but I actually was around him that night and he was fine!! And as for the friend that told u he better compared to other nights shame on her that’s a lie I’ve never seen him inebriated as you said and I’m around him alot!!

  2. After reading these post and comments it appears that the excess amount of alcohol /drinking is catching up with the freeholder candidate.

  3. Hey carol I was at the same affair that night and we were all having a good time and yes we were all drinking! But please don’t judge Anthony by that one night that you see him in 20 years!! And the comment about him being better compared to most nights was probably his friend joking with you.. I see Anthony at many affairs regarding the town and schools. He’s always been a gentleman and he’s very well respected everywhere he goes!! You say your a Sacco supporter and so am I and I don’t think he would of chosen Anthony if he thought he couldn’t handle it! Think before you judge someone and know how hard and how many people he helped in this town

    • Step 1 – We admitted we were powerless over our addiction – that our lives had become unmanageable. This not about voting or not voting for Anthony. This is about people that are close to him realizing that he has a problem.
      Similar to a person who thinks its ok to have one glass of red wine each night a void justification of the truth.

      • Hey Carol just because you and your husband John are born again Christians and are against alcohol use don’t forget the years of abuse you gave yourselves, we are all glad you stopped drinking but stop judging the majority of people that like to socialize and have a good time, if you’re going to criticize people who drink stay out of the bars I’m not responding anymore you make no sense!!!!

    • Hey leave Joey out of this….Just becausse he cheats on his wife and drinks almost as much as Anthony and Henry I still like him, even though he the most disliked person in NB

  4. Take a close look at the attached video the candidate of choice is falling asleep. I guess that’s what happens when you are out the night before on a serious binge.

    Binge: a short period when somebody drinks or eats too much, especially a period of uncontrolled drinking or eating caused by a disorder such as alcoholism or bulimia

  5. Congratulations Anthony, for the first time in political fundraising a NON-alcoholic event will take place. Please be sure to buy your ticket early as this momentous event will sell out. Besides receiving the endorsement of MADD, O’toole’s will also being sponsoring this event. Great job Anthony keep up the great work.