Freeholders table resolution approving almost $500,000 in elevator repairs

Freeholders table resolution approving almost $500,000 in elevator repairs. The measure was tabled until next months meeting after the officials agreed they were not given a sufficient explanation on the bidding process. 


  1. Good work by John Heinis and HCTV to cover this excellent example of the kinds of questions that should be asked and indeed were asked by our county legislature of all prospective contracts that come before a legislative body. WNY Board of Commissioners should watch this video and learn. Commissioners Wiley and Frias are the only two who ask good, probing questions. Freeholder O’Dea was spot on in wonering aloud why one should accept a higher bid when the County is faced with having to raise 12 million in additional revenue. I would respectfully challenge ALL freeholders to read the 27 page excellent Aug. 2010 report available online “A Programmatic Examination of Municipal Tax Abatements” by Corzine holdover, NJ State Comptroller Matthew Boxer. The County only receives a very small fraction of the county tax otherwise due, forcing non abated properties and other municipalities to pick up the slack. Indeed Boxer recommends that the County be involved in the abatement granting process for that reason. According to another report which also can be found online: “All that glitters isn’t gold”, Jersey City was sued several years ago by three other Hudson County municipalities precisely because their county tax bills went up do to Jersey Cities extensive use of tax abatements. What is totally unfair, is that when counties or municipalities raise taxes, the abated properties do not pay one red.cent of the increase.

  2. The County Board of Freeholders should abolish The Sheriff’s Dept. What a waste of taxpayer money! While good hard working people are trying to survive people like Schilari and his sidekick Del Valle are stuffing their pockets full! We implore victims of Emilio’s currency trading Pinzi scheme to call The FBI of Newark at 973-792-3000. HELP STOP THE MADNESS!