Fulop Appoints Two New Acting Directors


Over 50% of the Mayor’s Senior Leadership Appointments have been Female, Demonstrating the Value Placed On Having More Female Decision-makers at the Table

Jersey City – Mayor Steven M. Fulop announces the appointment of two women to fulfill leadership roles as the City conducts massive restructuring to certain departments to ensure efficiency. Lucinda McLaughlin will serve as the Acting Director of the Department of Recreation effective today, August 5, 2019. Allison Solowsky will serve as the Acting Director of the Department of Public Works (DPW) effective Monday, August 12, 2019.

“This administration has placed more emphasis on promoting women and creating equal representation than ever before in the City’s history.” said Mayor Fulop. “The Department of Recreation and DPW will soon see changes to improve the efficiency of workflow, expanding resources provided to our community, and much more. I am confident that Ms. McLaughlin and Ms. Solowsky will make terrific additions in these acting roles to help guide these departments through this new period of growth.”

As Jersey City continues to be recognized for advancements towards inclusivity and equality, the administration has boosted female leadership to more than 50 percent in all departments where women are now equally represented in management roles.

“Jersey City continues to promote the diversity and inclusion of all, with a special focus on ensuring the growth and advancement of women in all roles,” said Mark Bunbury, Director of Human Resources. “The City has created women-led initiatives, including leadership training and networking groups, and continues to highlight the accomplishments of the strong female leaders who help our City continue to grow successfully.”

Ms. McLaughlin has been with the City since 2016, previously serving as the Director of the Jersey City Youth Counsel. Ms. Solowsky has been with the City since 2013, previously serving as the Deputy Chief of Staff in the Mayor’s Office. Both women will serve in an acting capacity for 90 days before the City Council can approve a permanent position.

“We are proud that women leaders continue to be the key decision-makers in some of the most important functions of City government,” Mayor Fulop concludes.

Examples of some of the other current female leadership for Jersey City include: Executive Director of Jersey Housing Authority; Executive Director of Jersey City Redevelopment Authority; Director of Health and Human Services Division; Director of Housing And Economic Development; Jersey City Chief Financial Officer; Police Director; JCPD Deputy Chief; Deputy Tax Assessor.


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