Fundraiser Held Yesterday In Hoboken To Benefit Edgewater Fire Victims 

HOBOKEN – Hudson County residents joined together Saturday to help raise funds for Edgewater’s fire victims. Amanda Morrison of Don’t Sit Home and Adam Smith and Shawn Rafferty of Hoboken Happy Hours teamed up with the Smokin Barrel in Hoboken to host an event with live music performances, drink specials, great food and raffle prizes. All donations and proceeds of the food & beverage will go directly to the victims of the Edgewater Fire.
The following musician’s donated their time to the event today:
– Alphonse and Joe from Beachfire
– Nikki Briar and Paul Baccash
– Kurt and Marty from the Jack
– Tom Moloney from Daddy Nobux
– Gerry And Jeff From Big Wake
– Liam Brown from Liam Brown and the Pounds
– Kyle Lechner
– Rob Nichols |@dontsithome | | @hobohappyhours |