Global mobile network equipment Huawei ranked first

Huawei in the second quarter of this year for the first time surpass Ericsson, a global mobile network equipment market, the new “leader.” While the US government tried to stop the expansion of Huawei in the US market, but in the third quarter, Huawei won the other global markets grow, particularly those involved in the construction of China Mobile’s LTE network.

ABI said that Nokia Siemens communications market share decline was mainly because of its WCDMA, GSM and CDMA decline in sales, resulting in declining mobile broadband revenues, LTE equipment sales remained flat; Arun market share growth was driven by the US carriers for LTE investment, and Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa market pull.

Samsung’s third-quarter sales growth in overseas markets LTE, and thus boost its mobile network equipment business revenue growth. ABI analyst Marshall said Samsung with the overall size, intellectual property, and participation in development of standards, could become a major mobile infrastructure market participants.