Good Deed Donations turned feisty at Union City Shelter. Board of Education Alicia Morejon gets feisty towards Critics of Union CIty Administration who were donating to those in need.



  1. This group is disgraceful!! We all know that they are being paid by $acco to try and take the spotlight off of all the corruption in North Bergen. Mayor Brian Stack is a wonderful mayor and truly cares about the people of Union City.

  2. Let me preface this comment by saying I think Stack and Sacco are the two most corrupt politicians in Hudson County. Both Concerned Citizens Groups need to wake up and realize that. April, I’d like to know what video you just watched because here’s the sequence of events as I saw it:

    1. HCTV showed up at the shelter to cover the fire relief effort

    2. The UCCCG showed up to help donate clothes to the effort.

    3. Alicia Morejon asked them, as well as HCTV, to leave for no good reason.

    4. Police Captain Emilio Gonzalez asked both parties to leave.

    I’m not sure how any of that comes across as disgraceful to you. They were donating boxes of clothing to the fire victims, what’s wrong with that?

  3. You have your views I have mine. That’s it…end of story I’m not going to play this back and forth game with you. Merry Christmas!