Governor Christie ceremoniously signs the NJ DREAM ACT in Union City. A capacity crowd at the Colin Powell Elementary School cheered as Governor Christie signed tuition equality into law.


  1. What’s up with Fernando getting to do the big stories with the Governor, Senator Menendez, Congressman Sires, etc? In most news organizations, you have to work your way up to the big stories … what exactly has he done to earn anything high profile? Senior luncheons? Parades? Turkey giveaways?

  2. Seriously. Anyone who pays attentions knows that John is the ONLY one who hunts down the facts and produces the hard news, regardless of how much the local politicians complain. I know the guy cant be everywhere all the time, but he should be covering the important stuff and all others who work for HCTV should be taking notes on what he does and how he does it so that all of the stories, hard and soft, are covered with consistency and truth. If we wanted FLUFF we would just read the WNY Reporter. Now, I am not taking anything away from Fernando, but John is the $hit!

  3. Seriously, Chris Christie has got to have some dirt on Brian Stack. Word has it that a corruption scandal involving the Union City mayor was on track, the mayor was about to be indicted when Christie was attorney general. So, now in light about the scandal with Christie and the Fort Lee mayor it’s no wonder why Brian Stack is always kissing Christie’s butt! ENDORSE ME OR ELSE! This may all be rumor, fact or fiction??? You decide!