Governor Christie: It’s outrageous.

I mean, you see the crap that’s going on up in North Bergen? I mean, bad enough that Nick Sacco is making 300 grand himself, now he’s got the highest paid in-house counsel who then refers business — hundreds of thousands of dollars of business — to the firm that he’s a member of while at the same time he’s a full time employee. And then I love the guy who has been working there since 1988 but can’t tell anybody what he’s been doing. Well, ‘I kind of got frozen out 20 years ago, but I’ve been trying to create my own work,’ I think was his quote. And then when they talked to the business administrator and the other folks they couldn’t agree on what he was or wasn’t doing, and then ultimately admitted that he wasn’t doing anything. But the one thing we know he was doing was kicking back about six grand a year of his money to whatever political cause boss Sacco wanted him to kick it back to. So I understand from reading the report the Comptroller has referred this to the Division of Criminal Justice, a place where I believe it richly belongs. And now I’ll let Acting Attorney General Hoffman take it from here and I will stay back because as much as (Marc) Larkins and I would like to go back and do our old job sometimes, we don’t get to do that, we have new jobs. But it’s outrageous. It’s completely outrageous and it’s indicative of the absolute taxpayer waste that exists in North Bergen. It is just outrageous, the unchecked power and abuse of the citizens that the Sacco administration engages in. Outrageous. It almost makes his salary understandable because you need to make a lot of money to be that bad.