Governor Christie: This Is An Unspeakable Tragedy

Governor Christie: This is an unspeakable tragedy.


  1. He said 10 days before Xmas, so i eeminded him of the holiday his saviour celebrated but he failed to mention.

  2. This country fails in dealing with mentally ill. Even when family know a family member is psycho they are helpless to have them committed. Then when that psychotic person kills or committs crime the public ask how it happened. Why did someone not stop it? By law you can’t committ them! They end up in prison or hurting others. Prevention is key. It’s not about weapons,there’s hundreds of ways to hurt,kill someone. It’s about psychopaths walking around freely able to do whatever comes into their

  3. freely able to access weapons. There is a huge difference between a psycho attacking people with a spoon and a psycho attacking people with a gun.

  4. If one wants to kill they will find the tool they need.They can build explosives,bombs and kill multitudes of people if they want.Guns are not the problem,as alcohol is not the problem,cars are not the problem.etc.It’s these psycho’s,evil people who do not value life.Interesting how the elite,politicians can be protected.Their life,family is so important,right?.Do you value your life less? I sure don’t.I value my family,they deserve protection.Call 911,you’ll die waiting for police.Think!!!

  5. lol…..I do think…but I’m not paranoid…….a society filled with guns makes it MUCH more likely that there will be an attempted armed assault against me. If there are gun regulations and mentally unstable and otherwise regular citizens who snap would not have access to firearms these tragedies wouldn’t happen as much. It is about weapons! Be honest. Most gun violence is not perpetrated by psychopaths…guns are tools of destruction…be honest. Be honest.

  6. Paranoia is based on irrational fear,leads to delusion.Robbery,murder is a reality.It’s baffling you think banning guns is the answer.Criminals and lunatics care about laws,right? Senseless murder is committed by lunatics, evil people.Thinking a ban will resolve this is naive,a big mistake.The best defense is protecting ourselves.Why do you think the elite rich,politicians have “armed” guards?They know what works.Why would anyone want to be vulnerable? You must live in Shangri-La,not the USA.

  7. lol i live in Los Angeles….. and this city knows first hand what happens when guns end up in the hands of criminals……but the point is…all of these guns are legally acquired at first…the criminals never make the guns themselves..always buy them from people going to gun shows with weak or no background checks. Robbery is a reality but shooting them in an attempt to save the day is not a reality. A ban will decrease the number of guns in the wrong hands. period.

  8. Criminals don’t usually get guns legally or use them legally.They’ll get them banned or not.So many guns have never been registered because they have not been obtained by legal means.You think shooting a robber is not a reality? It surely is.I have no desire to hurt others but I will protect my family.Why not ban alcohol and cars? Both kill so many,right? I know people from countries where citizens can’t have guns,guess what? Only the criminals,most dangerous have guns,victimize everyone else.

  9. “You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” Albert Einstein. I believe this also applies to violent conflicts on all levels.

  10. Nice quote,but doesn’t apply.No one is talking about war,it’s about home security,beyond an alarm.Why not leave your doors unlocked in your home, car? Why try to prevent all of your belongings being stolen? Let’s just all sit around and be victims.I took a home security class, I’m gonna take the advice of the retired policemen.They told us with these crazed meth addicts committing robbery,a firearm is your only hope.You do what you feel is right.That is what I am going to do.

  11. I’m just saying with better gun regulation those meth heads would have an incredibly slim chance of ever even seeing a gun. Do what you want I’m not saying you are a bad person or anything but in terms of the law…..less guns on the street really does mean less gun violence.