Governor Christie’s office requests interview with Mayor Zimmer, she declines. Last week, Randy Mastro, an attorney representing Governor Chris Christie’s office asked to interview Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and members of her administration regarding Sandygate. Zimmer, through legal counsel, declined the offer due to an ongoing investigation by the U.S. Attorney General’s office.


  1. Zimmer lying & she know it the truth will prevail she belongs to that VICIOUS CIRCLE here in Hudson County there all the same they only think what they can get out of the tax payers to benefit themselves..

      • Au contraire—the amount of profanity in this world is insufficient in describing this guy! U can be sure he is in some way “connected” & hopes someone will take notice & throw him a bone! woof woof!!!
        Dawn keep up the good work!!!

  2. My endorsement of the use! of profanity on Mr Romanik has been deleted! I endorsed it—I didn’t use it! Does HCTV News understand the difference between free speech & foul speech???
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