Gregory Park in Weehawken will be brand new before the summer. Mayor Richard Turner and the Town Council elaborate on the importance of completing the renovations of Gregory Park


    • I wonder why Mayor Turner is endorsing WNY Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez over Freeholder Chairmen Jose Muñoz? Let’s see if I can connect the dots. If you are correct, Turner LOVES to have Property Tax Abatements for Weehawken. That would stand to reason. When he was Mayir Albio Sires’ WNY Town Administrator, I’ve yet to find a property tax abatement that he did not eagerly and publicly support.(Ask tax-weary non-abated property owners who pay full taxes or their renters if they thought it is fair that abated properties pay NO school tax, a small fraction of county tax, and abated properties saw NO tax increase anywhere near the 2009 huge tax hike!) Turner, in one of MANY concurrent public jobs he has, is Sires’ Chief of Staff. Caridad Rodriguez is Sires’ former Mayoral AND Political Organization Secretary. Muñoz is being challenged because he stood up to Corruption in WNY. Help him in Weehawken stand up to Abatement King Richard Turner (who also hired Caridad Rodriguez husband Joe “Pepe” Rodriguez) and in Gutenberg, too. We in WNY know the score; Our intrepid Freeholder Jose Muñoz will easily defeat Rodriguez, but we need a little help from Weehawken and Gutenberg to stave off a challenge to Muñoz born NOT out of civic duty, but out of revenge on Roque’s part and blind loyalty with the very real looming specter of cronyism a distinct possibility.

  1. Now I known why Richard has a “PHD” after his name!…From the Institute of Shoveling…Piled Higher & Deeper!!! Just some good natured ribbing Alcalde Turner! 😉