Group tries to prevent man from parking in WNY

Jillian Risberg, HCTV

A group of men tried to prevent a man from parking his car in West New York.


Javier Paucar was stopped on Park Avenue and 60th street by 10 men who kicked and hit his car with a wooden stick.

They used violence and intimation to scare the man, but he called police and they were hot their trail.

When officers arrived on scene to get information, one suspect gave chase.

A policeman fell and was injured running after that man.

Emergency personnel responded and took Officer Delgado to Hackensack University Medical Center for treatment.

Several suspects were identified, questioned and released.

If you have any information about this case, call West New York police at (201) 295-5000.


  1. All the way to Hackensack hospital. I guess they Don’t trust their local hospital.

  2. This town was on the verge of cleaning up right up until this new mayor roque came along. He comes from a family of psychos and people with mental illness, and as far as I know, is still under federal investigation. We boot him, we get clean again. Otherwise, it’s back to shit we came from.