GUTTENBERG BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING ALERT! Will Overcrowded North Bergen Schools Use Guttenberg Students As New Cash Cow?

Guttenberg teachers’ union sources claim Guttenberg is planning to send hundreds of its students to already-overcapacity North Bergen schools.
A confidential Guttenberg teachers’ union source claims that Guttenberg’s school board will meet Wednesday to consider a proposal to pay North Bergen millions of dollars to accept its 7th and 8th graders into North Bergen‘s schools, HudsonTV has learned.
This despite the fact that North Bergen‘s schools (including a high school ranked 10th in the state by enrollment and nearly 40% over capacity) are so overcrowded  that its school officials including Mayor Nick Sacco recently announced a complex plan to move its high school grades 10 through 12 (sophomore to senior year) to the current High Tech High School campus, and all township 7th and 8th grade students to the present high school campus (leaving freshmen, or 9th graders, in place) starting in two years. High Tech High School would then move its students to a new Secaucus facility.
The Guttenberg school board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at 5:30PM. Ironically, that is the day after North Bergen‘s school board elections for three of its unpaid board members’ seats. Guttenberg’s last few school board meetings have been cancelled and its last school board meeting was March 8th. The timing of this week’s meeting is suspicious, coming earlier that the customary 6:30pm start times and also one day after North Bergen‘s school board election, further raising suspicions that schools officials in the adjacent towns are trying to pull a fast one over parents and taxpayers. Moreover, the agenda for that meeting has not been made public.
North Bergen Mayor Sacco himself admitted the high school was nearly one-third over its original capacity in the October 2016 report. Sacco and others touted the moves as reducing the number of students in the current high school building from its current 2,500 down to 1,800. Accepting a few hundred students from Guttenberg’s 7th and 8th grades, along with the rest of North Bergen‘s 7th and 8th graders, would seem to be at least the first move towards pushing the current high school building back over its intended capacity.
If North Bergen intends to start absorbing entire grades from Guttenberg, it suggests that student overcrowding is not a problem for North Bergen schools officials, as long as they can collect revenue from Guttenberg’s 1,000-student system (whose school system is one elementary school!) for taking its 7th and 8th graders.
Where would that money go? Could it be to fund all these North Bergen school system salaries (listed in first-name alphabetical order to make it harder for you to look up someone)?


  1. These guys are giving a new meaning to the term FAKE NEWS. They are such a joke. What’s the next article going to be Hudson News Shortage of mayo in the school district? Lmao. We can borrow some packs of mayo from Lying Larry’s Franklin Lakes school district lmao.

  2. Realistically speaking … I had classmates in high school that went to Anne L. Klein. I would assume they’d be having the same issues we do with more kids in the system. Seeing as Guttenberg only has 1 school … what else would HudPost or anyone else propose? It’s not like Guttenberg would have the space to build a new middle school … with what room?

  3. Fake news ! Wow what a bias falsely written story! Can’t even say article bc it is a story! Did Larry Wainstein Lawrence “Larry” Wainstein write this??!! Gutenberg students have always gone to north bergen schools. If guttenberg is willing to pay so much money to north bergen why wouldn’t they just build their own school for the students? Fake news !

  4. Is this the North Bergen equivalent of Breitbart? Guttenberg has been coming to NB schools for as long as I can remember. They went to NB with me, and I’m getting old lol.
    Just stop.

  5. Actually, this IS news to lots of tax paying residents here in Guttenberg. Yes we’ve been going to NBHS for years but why do we need to go to their middle school? For what, to raise taxes more and NB reaps the benefit? What are we building and spending money on the extension of our school for? What’s going to happen to middle school teachers at Klein? I dont see how our students benefit from this move. No thanks.

    • The middle school will be accommodating 7 through 9. You don’t get to use our facilities whenever it suits you, especially when the town is accommodating 3 grades in their school. Guttenberg doesn’t have to accept the deal, but then talks about raising your taxes for a high school will start, and you’ll still be upset.

  6. Once multiple people have verified that the information in a story is inaccurate, and you persist in allowing it to be circulated via your medium, you diminish yourself to nothing more than yellow journalism. If you want to be respected as a news source, you need accurate, verifiable information.
    (Learned that in my nbhs English class) 😉