Hackensack Campaigns Call Each Other Crooked

Hackensack’s two major candidate slates in May’s upcoming council election are essentially calling each other crooked or implying criminality of one sort or another.

A challengers’ slate calling itself Hackensack United For Progress is charging that councilman Charles Sims was improperly appointed Hackensack’s Police Commissioner several years ago, and that references to that post could constitute criminal impersonation of a law enforcement officer. See the following two videos:

Video 1.

Video 2

The incumbent slate led by Mayor John Labrosse, through a spokesman, defended Sims’ service to Hackensack without directly addressing or denying the claims. Instead, the spokesman, Phil Swibinski, argued that the insurgents are connected to former Hackensack police chief Ken Zisa.

Hackensack United for Progress sent the following press release:

Video Evidence Exposes Latest Labrosse Lie by Hudson TV on Scribd

While the Labrosse Team spokesperson Phil Swibinski sent the following statement:


The Zisa city council slate hit a new low today by insulting Bergen County’s first African American Police Commissioner and accusing him of committing a serious crime. This is typical of the heavy handed intimidation and bullying that has become synonymous with the thirty year rule of the Zisa family political dynasty in Hackensack.

On July 1, 2013, the Mayor and City Council adopted a resolution appointing Councilman David Sims to become the city’s Police Commissioner in order to address public concerns about blatant corruption in the Hackensack Police Department after the multiple criminal convictions of ex-Police Chief Ken Zisa and the explosive allegations that numerous police officers had been punished by Chief Zisa for refusing to support the Zisa machine’s political candidates and campaigns. The City paid millions of dollars to settle these lawsuits from officers who were abused by Chief Zisa.

Councilman Sims has worked hard to help restore confidence in our fine Police Department by acting as a liaison between the community, the city council and the department. He does this outstanding work without any additional compensation. His work as Police Commissioner along with his years of dedicated service to the city’s youth, were cited by the Bergen County NAACP in 2016 when he was named the recipient of the prestigious Julian Bond Award.

“Councilman Dave Sims was honored by the NAACP for his outstanding service to our community and now he’s been smeared by the corrupt Zisa machine,” said Mayor John Labrosse.  “He is still a major asset to the city today in efforts to help clean up the mess that Ken Zisa created in the Police Department. The Zisa candidates should apologize and retract their foolish charges, but we won’t hold our breath waiting for that to happen.”

The Labrosse Team would also like to know the name of the “former Prosecutor” who is leveling the charges against Sims.  Is it Eric Holder? Rudy Giuliani? Or is it the well known Zisa family hatchetman Richard Salkin who has zero credibility and even less integrity?