A slate of Hackensack challengers for City Council turned in over 3,000 signatures from city registered voters Monday, claiming it’s a record.

The group, running together under the ticket Hackensack United For Change, filed the petition signatures days after a campaign kickoff last Thursday.  The group’s campaign manager, Caseen Gaines, said, “Our early numbers exceeded our expectations.”

Hackensack’s five member council is up for election on Tuesday, May 9th. The election has gotten recent press coverage over dueling press releases amid allegations that the current council, led by Mayor John Labrosse, used a taxpayer-funded mailer as an unofficial campaign mailer because of its timing and the involvement of an out of town public relations firm which promptly suspended its services to the city to run the incumbents’ campaign.

The challenger slate includes Lara Rodriguez, Jason Some, Michael Williams, Carlos Merino and Rommy Buttafuoco.

Hackensack Mayor John Labrosse denied the mailers had any political purpose, saying “These pieces are paid for by the taxpayers but they are for the taxpayers.” See the article by clicking here.

“It’s a lot easier to file a ‘record breaking’ amount of petitions when you multiply the actual number of unique signers by the five candidates on the ticket, which is what the Zisa Team did,” said Labrosse Team spokesman Phil Swibinski. “This is pure spin and is just as ridiculous as their claims that the Zisas aren’t running the campaign when Ken and Jack Zisa were at the HUP Kickoff greeting people.”