Hackensack Rivals Accuse Each Other Of Misconduct in Election War

Hackensack’s dueling political tickets are stepping up the trench warfare, accusing each other of illegalities and asking for investigations of the other side.

A Hackensack High School teacher, also serving as a challenging Hackensack United for Progress slate’s campaign manager, allegedly responded to an incumbent slate’s press release on taxpayer time earlier yesterday. The teacher, Casell Gaines, responded to a press release sent out at 8:11 am, claims Labrosse Team spokesman Phil Swibinski. The timing of Gaines’ response yesterday was after the beginning of the school day, raising questions as to whether political work was done on taxpayer time or whether Gaines was able to avail himself of breaks in his schedule to make quick responses. 

“I have kept my roles separate.” “I take my responsibility as an educator very seriously,” Gaines said in a new press release.

Earlier, the challengers’ slate charged improprieties in the use of voter registration lists to send out taxpayer funded mailers. 

A member of a third slate previously charged that the incumbent administration timed the dispatch of those mailers right before a campaign announcement.

The tit for tat nature of the Hackensack street war may continue. The municipal election is still two months away.