Harrison resident arrested on drug and weapon charges, tells cops "I never thought I would of gotten caught with a gun.”

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(The above photos were taken from the individual’s public Facebook page.)

HARRISON – A 22-year-old Harrison resident is facing drug and weapon charges after he was arrested on an open criminal warrant, found with 36 folds of heroin, and then found to have a loaded revolver in his bedroom on 3rd St., according to officials. Police also found pictures and videos involving weapons on the male’s iPhone.

According to police reports, on March 16th Officer Corey Karas observed a man known by officials to have an outstanding warrant. A check confirmed that the male had an outstanding criminal warrant out of the Town of Harrison in the amount of $250. When police approached the male and informed him he had a criminal warrant issued for his arrest he told police his name was Diego Hernandez, which police immediately knew was false.

Fabricio R. Astudillo, 22 of N 3rd St. in Harrison, was placed under arrest and search revealed the following items that were located on him: a small clear plastic baggy containing four white bars of suspected Xanax Right and a scale manufactured by RC Scales. According to the police report, Astudillo stated to police “damn, I’m so stupid I had shit left over from last night!”

But that wasn’t all he had on him “left over from last night.” At headquarters Astudillo was found to be wearing a pair of sweatpants under his jeans and kept holding his crotch area as if he was trying to prevent something from falling out, according to police reports. A second search revealed another plastic bag containing four separate bundles of glassine wax folds each wrapped with an elastic band for a total of thirty-six. Each fold contained a brown powdery substance believed to be Heroin. The folds were branded with words “MOVIE ACTION” & ROLL ‘EM” on them in blue letters and pictures of dice and a director’s clapper board. Police also recovered a vacuum sealed zip lock bag containing a brown and green vegetation believed to be marijuana.

Astudillo was charged with two counts of possession of CDS with intent to distribute and three counts of possession of CDS with intent to distribute in a school zone.

“While processing Astudillo his phone continuously vibrated and rang,” according to police reports. Astudillo signed a consent form for officials to search his phone where they found several shocking videos and images.

According to the police report there was a video of Astudillo counting what looked like a large sum of money, a mix of one hundred-dollar bills and twenties. But what really concerned officials was the video they found next, a video that Astudillo filmed on Harrison Police Units that were resounding to an incident on the west side of Franklin Avenue that happened 10 to 12 days prior.

The video, which was filmed from a window, shows Harrison Police units and then pans to a MAC10 pointed in the direction of the police from the same window.

Other pictures and videos on Astudillo’s iPhone show several weapons that appear to be automatic assault rifles, as well as revolvers and semi automatic handguns. The weapons, some held in hand by Astudillo, all appear real with pictures identifying the front barrels of the weapons and magazines of ammunition loaded for same, according to police reports.

One specific photo shows multiple semi automatic handguns on a bed and the iPhone identified the picture was taken at North 3rd St. and Cleveland Avenue, which officials believe was taken from Astudillo’s home on 3rd St. The Hudson County Prosecutors Office was contacted to further investigate the pictures of the weapons.

Officials advised Astudillo of their findings in which he stated that he wished to talk more and told police that “he forgot those pictures were on his phone and he was extremely sorry for the videos involving the cops,” according to reports.

He told police that the MAC10 wasn’t his and that he only has a revolver. He then signed a consent to a search and told police that the revolver was loaded and in his bedroom under his computer table. He then told police, “I’m sorry I never thought I would of gotten caught with a gun.”

Officials responded to the 3rd St. home where they met with Astudillo’s mother and located the loaded .38 Caliber Blued Steel Revolver exactly where Astudillo said it was. The weapon’s serial number was faint and had allegedly attempted to been filed off of the weapon.

Astudillo was then charged with possession of a de-faced firearm.

Police are currently investigating. “There are still guns out there that we are trying to track down,” Sergeant David Doyle of Harrison Police told us.

(The address on embedded google image does NOT represent the incident location, it is only intended for reference purposes.)

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