HCDO Chairman Vincent Prieto explains why Jose Muñoz is not the establishment pick. The Hudson County Democrat Organization has decided to endorse West New York Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez in the upcoming primary


  1. Please stay away for the fan because the B-S will sure as hell it us all Prieto is this the best Jersey has to offer ”WHAT A PHONY”’

  2. Yes Vinnie I agree, let’s have our government run by a collegium of already elected officials & do away w/this silly voting stuff entirely! Because U guys already in power really know what is in every ones’ best interest…Nick wants Vanieri, so let’s just appoint him & Felix wants Caridad!
    The HCDO IS! Machine politics!
    People shud ask themselves when they vote-Do I want someone in there who is beholden to his “buddies” or the fickle will of the people?
    I think the people’s best interest mite? be in voting in opposition to the established junta!
    Besides this I also think Jose Munoz & Henry Marrerro R two “pols” who R going to do the people’s bidding…
    Don’t let “them” take U for granted!
    Time for a Change!!!

    • I’m confused wasn’t munoz a part of the machine? and wouldn’t he still be a part of the machine had caridad not been chosen?

  3. Mr. Prieto you did not talk about you son and daughter getting jobs in West New York. Also you did not say anything about your no show jobs in Guttenberg and Secaucus. Please be real you are a puppet to the machine and you must do what they say.

  4. Prieto is a phony. He must have the big mustache to hide the way his lips twitch when he lies.

    Roque gave illegal jobs to Prieto’s kids, that’s why Prieto is supporting Rodriguez. Too bad the reporter didn’t ask ask him about that.

    Don’t believe a word these phonies say. Roque is out to get Munoz because Munoz does the right thing for the people.


    Do what Otto said — VOTE MUNOZ, NOT THE MACHINE !!!!!!!

  5. well watchdog doesn’t have an agenda! I wonder if caridad will collect the same salary you take Munoz… it’s funny you were so eager to pass COLA but you yourself make way more then the average American… save we the people some money! please!!

  6. Gimme a break! This guy is as spineless as they come. If Sacco (Master Of Puppets) ever took his hand out of Vinny’s back he would fall to the floor. Even Pinocchio could stand on his own. Instead of Vinny the puppets nose growing when he lies his mustache grows instead.
    Does anyone know how much the entire Prieto clan sucks the taxpayer for?
    Please include the no show jobs when submitting your tally.

    • even though your agenda is clear please take the time to recognize everyone that has a no show job and is sucking the tax payer dry!! why do freeholders need cars? just an extra expense if you ask me! WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  7. Right now, in WNY, you’re either one of us, or one them. I think Vinny has made it abundantly clear, he’s one of them.

    What a big disappoint. And for the “speaker” he does a piss poor job of speaking. Hypothetically or not.

    • So then, as it is boldly demonstrated in the voice and actions of the people…I have to wonder? Why, is the burden placed among the people to clean corruption in Hudson County when clearly it`s federal, state, and municpals’ sworn duty authority to do so?? Makes me wonder if they also are under the spell of “The Political Machine of Hudson County”.

  8. Watchdogiee: had the reporter asked the questions you raised with regards…how long do you think, he will have a career in the media industry within the state of New Jersey??? That, my friend, is the power behind the Hudson County Political Machine…control the jobs…you control their lively-hoods…and the lively-hoods of family and relatives…mess with the machine…and loose it all!!!!

  9. Snitch Munoz had no problem with HCDO when they were supporting his fat ass! Now he’s crying a river. Munoz you are going to lose big time! Deal with it loser!

  10. Yeah Chris, my agenda is to get rid of Roque and his dirty politics. You got a problem with that?Rodriguez = Roque.