Heartfelt speech from Dr. Count Wiley – Sponsored Video

Heartfelt speech from Dr. Count Wiley – Sponsored Video. At a fundraiser, Count Wiley addresses his supporters.


  1. When Felix came into office he had my 100% support & I openly disrespected the Count! That has reversed completely! Come to WNY BCM’s & U too will become a True Believer!

  2. Right on Garry. Sad that you now have to pay HCTV to have your voice heard. Why are events like this simply covered by the press to keep us the people informed

  3. LOL Count Wiley is finished next year. No more Liars and criminals for WNY People. Count Wiley has already fooled us. Never again! Its almost over WNY Roque and ALL his corrupt Commissioners gotta go next year. Count Wiley your not fooling anyone!

  4. Where was Hector during this speech? Was Hector getting his knees cleaned or redoing his lip stick for Count Wiley?