High Tech High School Students Visit United Nations for World Tolerance Day

SECAUCUS, N.J. — Students from High Tech High School’s Audio Visual Department attended the 2018 World Tolerance Day Conference at the United Nations in collaboration with the YouTube Creators for Change on November 16.

The visit was organized by Paul Marvucic, a 2011 graduate of High Tech and Product Marketing Manager at YouTube, and instructors Gregg Ascolese and Rob Meyer. Students braved a snowy commute into New York City to partake in the experience.

As part of the trip, students learned how to make great films that carry a deeper meaning and viewed screenings of international short films by creators who are making a positive impact worldwide.

The Creators for Change included AsapScience, L-Fresh the Lion, MaximNoise, Maha AJ, and MostlySane. The artists were excited to host the event and were impressed by the students’ knowledge and enthusiasm.