Hispanic Bar Association urges Governor Christie to nominate Julio Morejon as the First Hispanic Prosecutor of Hudson County


In a letter dated back on March 26, 2013. The Hispanic Bar Association urges Governor Christie to take action and nominate Julio Morejon as the First Hispanic Prosecutor for Hudson County. According to a later report by the Jersey Journal on June 15, 2014, Gov. Christie blames Hudson County state senators for holding up prosecutor appointment.

The Honorable Christopher J. Christie,

Governor Office of the Governor
Post Office Box 001
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

RE: The Endorsement by the Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey of Julio Morejón, Esq. for Appointment as Hudson County Prosecutor

Dear Governor Christie:

As President of the Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey (HBA-NJ), and in conjunction with the HBA-NJ’s Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments Committee (JPAC), it is with great honor that I submit our endorsement of Julio Morejón, Esq., for appointment as Prosecutor of Hudson County. After carefully reviewing Mr. Morejón’s qualifications and conducting a thorough due diligence investigation, JPAC found him to be an exceptional member of the State Bar, who exemplifies the best of what lawyers have to offer as members of, both, the legal and non-legal community. Consequently, the Board of Trustees voted to accept the recommendation of JPAC to endorse his candidacy. Mr. Morejón is a resident of Hudson County.

Mr. Morejón’s background is demonstrative of an individual who possesses a great deal of diverse criminal justice and litigation experience and a strong commitment to public service. He began his career as a Deputy Attorney General in the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office. His criminal justice experience includes serving as a municipal court judge and municipal prosecutor in multiple municipalities in Hudson County. He also has litigation experience in commercial litigation, municipal law as a city attorney, personal injury and real estate. He has been a partner in several different law firms and currently is in a successful solo practice.

Mr. Morejón has also demonstrated a strong commitment to education and the community. From 1992 to 1996, he served as a member of the Ethics Committee for District VA, Essex County, and he was chairman of the committee in 1996. All of the above experiences have prepared Mr. Morejón for the responsibilities and challenges that a county prosecutor would face and, thus, make him an excellent candidate for Hudson County Prosecutor.

P.O. Box 25562 • Newark, New Jersey 07101 • www.njhba.org

As a member of the community of legal professionals and as President of the Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey, it is without reservation that I submit this endorsement of Julio Morejón, Esq., for appointment as Hudson County Prosecutor. His experience, professionalism, integrity and background make him uniquely qualified and will go far towards furthering the goals of your administration with regards to creating a state government and criminal justice system that is rich in diversity and infused with individuals possessing the highest levels of professional responsibility and legal acumen. The State’s growing Latino community, and the community at large, deserve no lesser standard.

Accordingly, on behalf of the HBA-NJ, I urge you to nominate Julio Morejón, Esq., to the position of Hudson County Prosecutor.

Thank you for your consideration. Should further information be required, I would be happy to provide it immediately upon request.

Respectfully submitted,

Louis Acevedo, President
Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey


c: Matthew P. McDermott, Director of Appointments Charles B. McKenna, Chief Counsel


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