Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason addresses overdevelopment in the Mile Square City.  Councilwoman Mason discusses her recent trip to Washington D.C. and speaking out about the Monarch Project.


  1. Thank you Fernando, for reporting this, and thank you, Councilwoman Mason, for standing against this. May the Mayor, yourself, and your fellow Council members get to the bottom of the aims of The Rockefeller Group to develop Northern Hoboken with sweetheart tax abatement deals and possible connection to actions taken by Christie Administration concerning disbursement of Sany Aid to Hoboken.

  2. Though I appreciate Beth taking our side on this issue, she really has been a non entity in regard to the fight against michael and david barry’s development project. She seems at times to be trying to use it for political purposes instead of just trying to do what is best for hoboken (example this video). Unfortunately for Beth, we the 2nd ward residents have tired of her political game and plan to vote elsewhere when she is up for re-election in 2015.

  3. How did you score such a major coup of an interview with Beth Mason? That’s really amazing. Did her million dollar ELEC violations get clipped on the cutting room floor or something?

    How about her lawsuit against a couple of dozen Hoboken residents on their First Amendment rights speaking against corruption?

    Don’t think there’s enough room for both of us. My website is paid to do puff pieces and all the political lying for Beth Mason.

    Don’t you forget it!