Hoboken Joins Hands with NFPA: Fire Prevention Week 2023 Highlights Cooking Safety

Fire Prevention Week in Hoboken 2023
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Hoboken Celebrates Fire Prevention Week with Emphasis on Cooking Safety

Hoboken, NJ – Mark your calendars! From October 8 to 14, 2023, Hoboken City and its Fire Department join hands with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to commemorate Fire Prevention Week.

This year, the spotlight is on the theme: “Your safety in the kitchen is in YOUR hands. Stay alert, prevent fires.” The initiative aims to raise awareness about the crucial steps everyone can take to ensure safety while cooking.

Did you know? The NFPA states that cooking stands as the primary reason for domestic fires and related injuries in the U.S. Moreover, leaving cooking unattended tops the list of causes leading to these fires and subsequent fatalities. The Hoboken Fire Department (HFD) is keen on emphasizing several cooking safety measures:

  • Be vigilant while cooking and use timers as reminders.
  • Ensure pot handles are turned inwards and always have a lid within reach to counter minor grease fires.
  • Maintain a minimum of three feet as a “no-entry zone” for kids and pets near cooking areas.

But that’s not all! The entire month of October will see HFD actively promoting fire safety. They plan to engage the community through social media updates, website posts, and educational sessions at local schools. The goal? To arm Hoboken’s youth with knowledge on fire prevention for their safety and that of their families.

While kitchen safety is paramount, the department will also shed light on other vital topics. These include the safe use of lithium-ion batteries, the significance of having a fire escape plan, and the essential role of smoke detectors. HFD’s message is clear: Prioritize fire safety this month to safeguard our community from potential hazards.

Stay updated with the HFD’s fire safety guidelines by following their Twitter handle: @HobokenFire. For a deeper dive into the Hoboken Fire Department’s activities, visit Hoboken Fire Department.

For a broader perspective on the NFPA, Fire Prevention Week, and cooking safety insights, head over to www.fpw.org. And for the young ones, www.sparky.org offers a range of fun yet educational fire safety resources.