Hoboken formal warning of wasp nest on park ave

A concerning incident has unfolded in Hoboken, New Jersey on July 29, 2023. A low-hanging wasp nest, perilously close to pedestrian traffic, has been reported on the 1300 block of Park Ave near the construction site of Malibu Diner.

The nest’s presence came to light thanks to a vigilant neighbor who promptly reached out to Hoboken’s 2nd Ward Councilwoman, Tiffanie Fisher. Noting the nest’s proximity to the sidewalk, hanging merely 7 feet off the ground, the citizen’s alert sparked immediate action.

Given the potential danger to public safety, Councilwoman Fisher lost no time in contacting the city’s administration about this hazardous situation. While it is typically the property owner’s duty to rectify such situations, the city administration has been promptly alerted and is set to address the issue.

With swift action, the city’s Business Administrator assured the councilwoman and the residents that the matter would be promptly looked into. In the meantime, caution is advised. A warning sign has already been posted in the vicinity, alerting passersby to the lurking danger.

This episode underlines the importance of community vigilance in maintaining public safety. The cooperation between the alert Hoboken citizen, Councilwoman Fisher, and city officials is commendable and exhibits the collective commitment to safety in Hoboken.

Residents and visitors are strongly advised to exercise caution and avoid this block, if possible, until the situation is resolved. As the summer months are a particularly active period for wasps, it’s a timely reminder for all property owners to maintain a regular check on their premises.

Stay tuned for updates on the situation. Remember, community vigilance plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe environment for all.


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