Hoboken Housing Authority Meeting Gets Heated

Hoboken Housing Authority Meeting Gets Heated. Hoboken resident Joseph Branco accuses Chairman Jake Stuiver and other Commissioners to go after Housing Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.


  1. There will never be change in the HHA until they fire them all and start fresh. There is to much corruption and mishandling of the HHA budget. Look it has been over 90 days since the super storm sandy hit and the people living in the HHA “Projects” don’t have any heat still, and look at the below zero wind chill weather we are having.The committee is made up of pure scam artist. Yea lets build a baseball field and state change, bs there not doing anything down there but putting up some fresh paint jobs and calling it rebuilding. The HHA is even trying to enforce a force work program, stating to residents if they don’t work for free for HHA they will be evicted. This needs to be investigated, these people pay rent on close to nothing incomes, most are disabled seniors, or single mothers with infants and the HHA want to force this upon them, can anyone say slave labor. So what do they want the poor resident to paint,clean up and rebuild the HHA “projects” so the budget money proposed for the jobs get pocketed. That is so corrupt, and the HHA board continues to get away with their corrupt actions do to an uneducated HHA resident population who have no clue how to fight for their rights or even speak english to be able to. Fire them all get a thorough investigation done, prosecute those who have wronged the community and start fresh.