Hoboken Housing Authority residents flip out on Housing Authority Commissioner

Hoboken Housing Authority residents flip out on Commissioner Jake Stuiver. Stuiver was called a “bigot” and a political flunky for Mayor Dawn Zimmer, among many other things, as he was chewed out by several angry residents.


  1. Just some context for you. Those in the video are not all residents. For example, Nick Calicchio who is there is a resident of Bayonne and is a political operative and one time aide to Assemblyman Ruben Ramos.

    Perry Belfiore also is not a HHA resident although he was a commissioner at one time himself and is thought to have a financial stake currently in the HHA and also with Vision 20/20. He is a long time Hoboken political operative and working on the Ruben Ramos mayoral campaign.

    Marge who calls Stuiver a bigot is the aunt to former HHA commissioner and former fourth ward councilman Chris Campos who had a legendary battle with Dawn Zimmer for the seat. (He lost.)

    Ms. Lessane aka Pokey who was screaming at Stuiver accused Dave Mello in a council meeting recently of calling HHA residents monkeys. She claims to have heard it at an earlier HHA meeting “out of (Mello’s) mouth. Councilman Dave Mello happens to be a teacher in the South Bronx, a most unfortunate choice to lob such an accusation.

    Remember in journalism friends, context is king.

    Da Horsey