Unsanctioned Gathering Alert: Hoboken Housing Authority Issues Special Bulletin

Hoboken Housing Authority Bulletin
courtesy of tapinto.net

City of Hoboken Housing Authority Issues Special Bulletin on Unscheduled Gathering

HOBOKEN, N.J. – The Housing Authority of the City of Hoboken has released a special bulletin addressing concerns about an unsanctioned large gathering planned to take place on or near Authority property on Saturday, September 2, 2023.

The bulletin emphasizes that the potential event has not been approved by the Housing Authority or the Hoboken Police Department (HPD). The Authority has not received any formal request to host such an event on the specified date or any other.

To ensure the safety and well-being of the residents, the Housing Authority has strict regulations in place. Large gatherings on Authority property require prior review and, if deemed appropriate, subsequent approval from the Authority. The bulletin further clarifies that the unsanctioned event goes against these regulations and will not be allowed to proceed under the current circumstances.

The Housing Authority has informed the HPD about the unsanctioned event and has sought their assistance in ensuring that the gathering does not take place as advertised. Residents and individuals with information about the potential event are encouraged to contact the HPD at 201-420-2100 or leave a message at the Authority’s main office.

While the Authority does permit residents to hold small, private events in their units and certain designated areas on the property, they have urged residents to seek clarity on the type of gatherings allowed by contacting the main office.

Furthermore, in line with the Authority’s Night Activity Policy, residents are advised not to congregate in the common areas after 10 pm. Violations, such as having open containers of alcohol in common areas or playing excessively loud music outside their units, could lead to notices and potential eviction.

The bulletin concludes with a hopeful note, wishing residents a safe and respectful holiday weekend. It also encourages cooperation with HPD officers, emphasizing that their presence is solely to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.