Hoboken Housing Director Carmelo Garcia accuses the Hoboken Council President to play Politics and Power over FEMA funds.


  1. Garcia is nothing but a political hack. He is at the meeting doing Ruben Ramos’ dirty work. This is all about Ruben wanting to be Mayor so they can take Hoboken back to the Russo days.

  2. Here we go…say what you want but the reformers don’t want ANY AFFORDABLE HOUSING!!! Zimmer’s Puppets are nothing but hypocrites!!!!
    Bhalla and Mello are full of hate!! AND Giattano doesn’t have a clue of what is going on!! Cant you see Mello writing her notes while Carmelo talks..because she is so disconnected with the community! Peter knows the truth but he has to do what Zimmer says!!! Or ELSE Stan will have to spank them!! P.S. Giattano is a cuite!