Hoboken Housing Executive Director Carmelo Garcia terminated


On Monday August 4th, The HHA Board voted to terminate Executive Director Carmelo Garcia in a controversial meeting.


  1. Dawn Zimmer is wrong for firing Carmelo Garcia. He is the only one that does anything for the HHA. She doesn’t bother with any of us residents or does anything for us. Mr. Garcia is with us in everything we go through here. He just wants to give us a better life here. He truly cares about the people in HHA. When Sandy hit down here where was Dawn Zimmer, She wasn’t here to help us. Carmelo was here with us the whole time. Dawn Zimmer does nothing for the HHA residents. She Just wants to get rid of us all. It’s sad cause a lot of us residents work and a lot have worked all our lives and have become disabled and can’t afford the sky high rents out there. We need a place to live and Mr. Garcia was trying to give us better living because he truly cares for the residents here. He wants to give our children nice homes places to play just like she has given the children up by her. She is suppose to be Mayor for all of Hoboken not just the part that has money and pays high rent and not only for the white’s of Hoboken. She is a racist and she is the one that should be fired. Mr. Garcia is a great man and treats all the residents with respect. She has never bothered with the residents of HHA so why doesn’t she stay out of Mr. Garcia’s way and just let us be. He has done everything for the residents. She should stick to what she knows which is pretending to care and taking care of Washington street and the white preppy area and leave HHA to Mr. Garcia cause he really cares… As for the counsel members she has to always vote against Mr. Garcia you should think about what you want for your children like a nice and safe home nice play grounds better schools, Well just because we don’t have a lot of income doesn’t mean we don’t want the same thing for our children. Our children count to. There is one thing I live by and that is God don’t like ugly and you can lie to us down here but when you face him he knows exactly what you’ve done and for firing an innocent man who just try’s to help people and children and does his job better then anyone else that has been here, you have to pay for that!!!! You counsel members are all cowards for not voting to help the people of HHA because your suppose to help the people. Especially Mello you voted yes to the 20/20 then changed it after Zimmer got to you. You know the truth and I hope you can live with what you people have done. How does Zimmer and her pack of liars sleep at night???? Mr. Garcia will always be a part of HHA cause he is REAL…no lies no games he is the REAL DEAL…WE LOVE MR. CARMELO GARCIA and will stand behind him always…

  2. Check out David Mello, Councilman at Large of the City of Hoboken and member of the perpetrating Hoboken Housing Authority Board. NO public meeting was allowed to be held, dozens of police and black rubber gloves removed the crowd and blocked the doorway. Mello’s description of the meeting which conveniently was also not video taped, is absolutely devoid of truth. See last nights meeting, the tail end of the tape where Mello spews his lies and a member of the public is removed for calling him upon it.

  3. The chief said he would close the meeting but he did not! Some people being escorted out is hundreds of people thrown out by dozens of police in black rubber gloves blocking the door as hundreds of members of the public waited to get notification of where the pubic meeting would be held or of it would be closed. Instead with no notification Wefer came back in with the doors blocked by police and only allowing a few select members of the public in.