Hoboken Housing Residents Rally in Front of City Hall

Last Wednesday June 5th, Barbara Reyes and Debra Morrissette discussed spearheading a march to City Hall in order to address two agendas before the council members. The first topic was the Resolution of Need or Vision 20/20, which is a plan intended to revitalize the Hoboken Housing Authority. In addition, their second agenda focused on having Reyes appointed as a commissioner on the Hoboken Housing Authority. Residents carried signs as they gathered in front of City Hall to present a united front. One sign read: “We the People Demand Equality.” While inside the meeting, residents were visibly frustrated and annoyed with the treatment they have been receiving from some of the council members. Hoboken Housing Residents Rally in Front of City Hall.




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  1. Your “coverage” is slanted badly at worst, shallow and ignorant at best with the ridiculous clip of Councilman Michael Russo. What is he yelling about? He’s screaming about questions raised on his resident building of Church Towers being segregated. He did that to attack another councilman who was slandered at this meeting who he said was “called out.”

    That resident claimed Councilman Mello called HHA residents monkeys at an earlier meeting. Russo is retaliating for having questions on Church Towers, subsidized buildings in Hoboken many feel his family controls for being segregated. One HHA resident said they “can’t get into Church Towers.”

    That doesn’t even begin to delve into the ugly politics and developer greed on Vision 20/20. Where’s the documentation on the plan? Where are the submission to Planning and Zoning board approvals?

    You only show Michael Russo yelling. Did you know he’s seen on FBI video tape trading on his position as a Hoboken Housing Authority? He was removed by the reform majority when his term expired.


  2. If you have a problem with the building you live in move out. You are paying way less than you should anyway.