Hoboken Mayor Zimmer’s diary never existed, attorney says

Hoboken Mayor Zimmer’s diary never existed, attorney says. North Bergen attorney Louis Zayas says he believes Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s allegations against the Governor’s office are false, citing recent court cases where he represented a plantiff against the city of Hoboken.


  1. Look at the picture behind Zayas. It is he and Christie, of course he is going to support Christie. He finds it odd that Zimmer waited 8 months to come forward but has no problem that his client Alicia never reported meeting with Dwek. If a jury would believe Alicia’s BS story and award him a million dollars, Christie better hope Zimmer’s claims never go to court.

  2. Do many other lawyers in NJ have framed pictures right above their head in a video clip; showing themselves and Governor Christie (side by side)?

    • Ron I have a picture standing with Christie & so do 1000 other people so what is your point are you jealous you don’t have one with Christie the future President of the United States

  3. Good thing Hoboken has agreed to pay for her CRIMINAL Defense attorney. Unusual for a person who is reporting a crime to retain a Criminal defense attorney. Excellent analysis by Zayas and typical silly comments above. The facts are the facts and the Jury awarded Alicea over 1 Million because they did NOT believe Mayor Zimmer’s testimony in the case. She is NOT credible.