The Hoboken Police Department remained extra vigilant during the high-spirited New Years holiday weekend, which resulted in multiple DWI charges along with a few misdemeanor offenses. 

An arrest was made by police officers Michael Losurdo and Joseph DiMartino in the early hours of Friday the 31st. Witnesses saw Jamie Agosto, 41, flee the scene of a collision with a parked vehicle on Monroe St. Officers searched the area and spotted the driver a short distance away. After a field sobriety test, the suspect was taken in to headquarters to complete a breath test. Agosto received multiple motor vehicle summonses and was released to a responsible party. 

A similar indicent occured around 3:30 AM January 1, 2017. Sgt Edward Sellick came to the aid of a victim of a motor vehicle hit-and-run. Sellick and police officer Ricky Truppner were able to make a motor vehicle stop a short distance away, and arrested the driver of the vehicle after performing a field sobriety test. The defendant, Estefania Robles-Cabrera, 31, of Marlboro N.J., was released to a responsible party and was handed several motor vehicle traffic summonses.

While on patrol at approximately 3:30 AM, police offer Luke Zeszotarski conducted a motor vehicle stop in a school zone that resulted in mutliple offenses. Avanish Pandya, age 38, of Belleville N.J., was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated, driving while intoxicated in a school zone, reckless driving, and impeding traffic flow. 

Police officer Steven Albert and Detective Andrew Perez were dispatched to 32 Newark Street at around 1:30 AM on account of a loud fight. The officers arrived to the scene to find a group shouting and pushing one another, and were able to separate and calm the group. Evenet Estime, 22, of Bloomfield N.J., remained disruptive and was arrested for refusing to obey the officer’s orders after several warnings. The defendant was later released on a summons and is due to appear in court. 

Two young men were placed under arrest following a violent incident early Sunday morning. Police officers were dispatched to a report of 2 bleeding males, engaged in a shoving match. Michael Granados, age 21, of East Newark N.J., was given several warnings before being placed under arrest by police officers Kyle Seper and Nate Arocho. Anthony Martins, 21, of Harrison N.J., intervened by grabbing Granados and attempting to pull him away from the officers. He was also placed under arrest. A search of the defendant Martins found him in possession of what alleged to be cocaine. Both defendants were given summonses and are scheduled to appear in court.