Hoboken Officials Address Harassment Following Resident’s Guilty Plea

Hoboken Harassment Guilty Plea
Matt Majer image courtesy of researchgate.net

This article was updated on Sept.21

Hoboken Officials Speak Out After Resident’s Disturbing Actions

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HOBOKEN, NJ – The Hoboken community has been shaken following the actions of a local resident, Matt Majer, who recently entered a guilty plea for sending unsolicited packages with racially charged, sexually explicit, and threatening messages to various individuals, including elected officials.

Matt Majer, known for his outspoken views on local politics, sent these Amazon packages in January 2022. Among the recipients were six private residents, Mayor Ravi Bhalla, and Council President Emily Jabbour. These actions were reportedly in response to a divisive Board of Education referendum that proposed funding for a new high school in Hoboken.

The contents of these packages were deeply concerning. For instance, Nancy Pincus, who previously blogged about Hoboken politics, received a note with a sexually explicit suggestion. Council President Jabbour was sent a message questioning her parenting, asking, “what your kids would think of you if they knew how you were acting”.

Upon his guilty plea, Majer admitted to harassing Kim Gerlach, another resident of Hoboken. He also confessed to similar acts against Mayor Bhalla, Council President Jabbour, and Nancy Pincus. Furthermore, anonymous packages were sent to Councilman Phil Cohen and Amardeep Singh Bhalla, the mayor’s sibling.

The packages directed at the mayor and his brother contained messages in Hindi, which were perceived as racially insensitive. Singh Bhalla, in his victim impact statement, clarified, “Neither the Mayor nor I speak Hindi, as we were both born in the United States. These hateful messages were disturbing to my family and the families of the other victims.” He emphasized the importance of public awareness, stating that he spoke out “as a means of education for the public, and to send a clear message that threatening and harassing behavior is not acceptable and will be addressed in accordance with the law”.

Council President Jabbour recounted her own experience, revealing she received a book from Majer titled ‘How to Stop Lying: The Strategic Guide For Compulsive and Pathological Liars’. The accompanying note read, “Please stop spreading lies and stand up for yourself. Show your children how best to behave else you be exposed too. It is coming.” Jabbour expressed her alarm, stating it was “deeply disturbing” that a resident would threaten her in such a manner, especially invoking racially charged sentiments and targeting her role as a mother. She further highlighted Majer’s history of online attacks against her and the violation of her personal safety. Jabbour firmly stated, “Women who run for office should not have to worry about political tactics invoking children or their families in any way, and certainly not as the subject of threats.” She also pointed out that Majer had shown no signs of remorse.

Councilman Cohen weighed in on the matter, saying, “Debate and disagreement in the public square reflect democracy at its best. But sending anonymous, provocative, Amazon packages to elected officials’ and politically engaged citizens’ homes including racially charged, or sexual messages, or messages referring to elected officials’ children crosses the line.”T