On Wednesday April 6th, 2016, at approximately 1946 hours, Officers, Damien Bates and Brandon Fitzgibbons arrested James Fields (age 28) inside the hallway of 311 Harrison Street due to his violation of a (DORO) Drug Offender Restraining Order. Earlier this same day, Jeffrey Ferguson (age 23) had been arrested for an outstanding warrant charging the same violation in which officers observed him entering the entrance of 311 Harrison Street on March 26th, 2016.

This court order was issued in June of 2015 due to previous narcotics distribution related offenses committed by Fields and Ferguson while on Hoboken Housing Authority property. The court order prohibits them from returning to the Hoboken Housing Authority property and its surrounding buffer zone which is 500 feet. Below are photos of James Fields and Jeffrey Ferguson. If anyone sees them on or within 500 feet of the Hoboken Housing Authority property, specifically attached to the 300 Harrison Street area, please do not hesitate to contact the Hoboken Police department to report the violation at 201-420-2100.

In addition to Fields and Ferguson, nine other individuals were also arrested in the undercover sting conducted by members of the Hoboken Anti-Vice Bureau and the Hudson County Prosecutors Offices Narcotics task force back in Spring of 2015 which ultimately led to all having (DOROs) Drug Offender Restraining Orders placed upon them. They are as follows:

David L. Diaz (33 yrs. old)

Curtis G. Jeffries (44 yrs. old

Stacey Johnson (45 yrs. old)

Dyshawn G. Ladson (24 yrs. old)

Larry Ladson (36 yrs. old)

Jarell D. Lee (24 yrs. old)

Luis A. Santiago (23 yrs. old)

Damon K. Haley (23 yrs. old)

Jordan Perez (21 yrs old)

The stipulations of the (DOROs) Drug Offender Restraining Orders are the same for all the aforementioned that were arrested in the narcotics sting. Again, please feel free to contact the Hoboken Police department at 201-420-2100 if you see any of the aforementioned individuals in violation of the DORO.


  1. Isnt that something. If you get caught with drug related crimes you can be outlawed from the area… 2 sides..it seems fair to protect residents but what about family living there..if grandma lives there and you’re say 22..you don’t get to see her anymore