Hoboken Police Department Calls for Domestic Violence Response Team Volunteers

Domestic Violence Response Team Volunteers

Domestic Violence Response Team Volunteers

The Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) program, mandated by the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991 N.J.S.A. is actively seeking volunteers. The DVRT consists of trained volunteer advocates who offer support and resources to domestic violence victims at the Hoboken Police Department. When victims seek law enforcement assistance, they have the option to meet with a DVRT volunteer advocate. These advocates provide immediate support in a confidential setting, educating victims about domestic violence, legal processes, safety options, and available resources.

The primary goals of the DVRT are to reduce the emotional trauma experienced by victims, increase their awareness of community resources and legal options, and facilitate their access to these resources.

All potential DVRT members must undergo a 40-hour training program and meet specific requirements, including being 21 years or older, having a valid NJ Driver’s License, and committing to a minimum of two years of volunteer work. Interested individuals can apply by emailing mabrams@womenrising.org or faxing their application to 201-333-9305, Attention: Margaret Abrams.

Source: Hoboken Police Department