Hoboken Police A.B.C. Operation Cites 10 Liquor Stores

On January 5, 2019 The Hoboken Police Department’ Alcoholic Beverage Control Unit conducted a citywide operation for serving underage patrons. This operation, the first of more to come, was led by Sergeant Charles Kucz and Detective Anthony Caruso with the assistance of two undercover Jersey City Police Officers who are under the legal drinking age . The operation stemmed from multiple complaints  about liquor stores in the city. These complaints were for disorderly groups , loud music and the selling of alcohol to underage patrons. Throughout the evening twelve establishments were entered and ten were issued administrative charges for sale to someone under the legal age to purchase alcohol, 2C:33-17.  Please be advised that although summonses were  issued each establishment has the right to dispute the charges at a hearing to be held at a later time, and issuance of said complaints does not automatically constitute guilt. The following are the ten establishments:


1) Village Market at 702 Washington Street

2) Cork Wine & Spirits at 1450 Washington Street

3) Blue Ribbon at  450 1st Street

4) Daniel Liquors at 87 Garden Street

5) Ottomanellis at 422 Monroe Street

6) Hoboken Discount Liquors at 98 Willow Avenue

7) Augie’s Liquors at  419 Adams Street

8) Sasso’s Deli  at 1038 Garden Street

9)Hoboken Vine at 400 Newark Street

10) Yash Liquors at 1004 Washington Street



Two  establishments were in compliance :  Washington Liquors at 211 Washington Street and Willow Liquors and Grocery at 841 Willow Avenue.


Hoboken’s  Chief of Police   Kenneth F. Ferrante would like to thank the citizens who brought this situation to light as well as the ABC Unit and its Detectives for their dedication and hard work that made this operation a success. Chief Ferrante would also like to thank Jersey City’s Chief of Police Michael Kelly for his cooperation and use of two of his officers as well as thank those two officers for their work and professionalism during this operation.