Hoboken Police has release the following press release:

On Thursday, April 27th, 2017, at approximately 4:00PM, an unknown individual attempted to gain entry into a Hoboken residence, in the vicinity of 6th and Grand Street, by impersonating a PSE&G worker. The male knocked on the door and when confronted stated to the resident that he needed to go inside to check things out because they were red flagged. The resident grew immediately suspicious due to the fact their rent included utilities and there are no separate meters inside of the residence. The resident shut the door, locked it and called police.

The male impersonating a PSE&G worker was described as a six foot, black male whose hair was styled with dread locks. He was wearing a white sweater with black pants and was holding a clipboard and had a lanyard around his neck. It is believed that he was working in concert with two other individuals whom entered the common area hallway holding clipboards. A check with the utility company proved that there were no scheduled workers due at the location.

The Hoboken Police Department would like to bring this to the attention of all our residents. These types of incidents have happened in the past and appear to have resurfaced. Individuals impersonating utilities workers are most commonly seeking to gain entry into residences to commit thefts. However, one could not know what other harm they could cause. Please be diligent in verifying the validity of those seeking entry and always contact the Hoboken Police Department when in doubt. Do not allow anyone into your residence nor access to the common areas of the building.