Hoboken Police Commended For 3 Drug Arrests In 1 Day

HOBOKEN – The combined efforts of Hoboken’s Police Officers, Detective Bureau, and Vice Squad lead to three separate drug arrests and the confiscation of $3,700 worth of illegal drugs and hundreds of dollars from drug proceeds.
“Efforts such as these will allow the Hoboken Police Department to strive to make the City of Hoboken a safer and better place to live,” Detective Daniel Lo Bue stated.
On Friday, February 13, 2015, at around 9:00p.m., Hoboken officers were conducting surveillance on an unrelated investigation when they observed a man enter a building at 220 Adams St., which is housing authority property, officials said. After approaching the male for unlawful entry, police recovered 6 small bags of suspected crack cocaine, 3 packages of suspected heroin, and 1 small pill suspected to be Cyclobenzaprine.  In addition to the drugs, police also recovered a switchblade knife which the man stated he needed for protection, officials said.

Luis Santiago, 22, of Jersey City was transported to Hudson County Jail and his bail is set at $50,000 with no 10% option. Santiago faces 12 charges total: 1 criminal trespass-unlawful entry of a structure charge, 2 weapon charges and 9 drug charges for possession of crack cocaine, heroin, and cyclobenzaprine and possession within 1,000 ft of a school and 500 ft of public housing.

On Friday, February 13, 2015, at around 10:11p.m., Hoboken officers were working undercover when they observed a suspicious male on Hoboken Housing Authority property. After further observation they recognized the male who was wanted for questioning regarding another police related matter. He was placed under arrest for criminal trespass and while being transported to police headquarters officials noticed he was moving around in the vehicle, indicating he was securing something in his buttocks area. While at headquarters and upon being questioned the man removed 10 small packages of suspected heroin, 49 small packages of suspected crack cocaine, and 1 small zip lock bag of suspected cocaine from his buttocks area. Police were given lawful consent to search his residence, where they uncovered 45 grams of suspected crack cocaine, 2 packages of suspected heroin and plastic bags commonly used for drug distribution. Police seized $188.00 which they believed to be drug proceeds.

James Fields, 26, of Jersey City was transported to Hudson County Jail and his bail is set at $75,000 with no 10% option. Fields faces 14 charges total: 1 criminal trespass charge and 13 drug charges for possession of crack cocaine, cocaine, and heroin and possession within 1,000 ft of a school, 500 ft of public housing, and narcotic paraphernalia. 

At around 12:51a.m., Officers Markey and Globke observed a large cloud of smoke surrounding a group of individuals congregating in the lobby of 510 Jackson St. While approaching the area they smelt marijuana and saw a man smoking a brown leafy cigar containing suspected marijuana. The man tried to toss the item and attempted to leave the area. He became confrontational and when advised he was going to be placed under arrest he proceeded to shove Officer Globke in attempt to flee. Both officers attempted to gain control of the man who kept resisting. Once he was handcuffed police were able to search him and recovered 63 small packages of suspected heroin, 7 clear zip lock bags of suspected marijuana, a marijuana cigar, and $646.00 in proceeds.

Ricky Crandell, 35, of Hoboken was transported to Hudson County Hail and his bail is set at $125,000 with no 10% option. Crandell faces 14 charges total: 2 charges of aggravated assault on an officer, 1 charge of bail jumping, 1 charge of resisting by force, and 10 drug charges for possession of marijuana and heroin and possession within 1,000 ft of a house, 500 ft of public housing, and distributing.