Domestic Violence Response Team Volunteers

1. Arrestee: Carlye Falco Age 24 East Brunswick NJ

Charges: Driving While Intoxicated, Reckless Driving, Failure to Exhibit Documents, Refusal to Submit to Breathalyzer

Arrest Date and time: 3/4/18 2:49 am

Officers Involved: PO Bianca Arroyo, SPO Christopher Soto


Incident details: While on patrol, Officers Arroyo and Soto observed a motor vehicle accident at 32 Newark Street. They noticed a 2012 Honda Civic strike the rear of a Ford Escalade. As Officer Arroyo approached the vehicle she observed a passenger asleep and the driver with glassy eyes looking at the officer. Officer Arroyo was able to detect the strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle as she requested the documents. Officer Brandon Fitzgibbons arrived on scene to administer the field sobriety Test along with an ambulance to check on all parties involved. Officer Fitzgibbons conducted the Field Sobriety Test which the driver was not able to complete. She was placed under arrest and transported to headquarters for processing. At headquarters she was charged with the added motor vehicle offense of Refusal to submit breath samples. A total of (5) motor vehicle summonses were given to the driver. No parties involved in the accident were injured. She was later released to a responsible party.


2. Arrestee: Michael Muchoe Age 24 Pearl River NY

Charges: Obstructing the Administration of Law, Disorderly Conduct

Arrest Date and time: 3/3/18 7:53 pm

Officers Involved: PO Connor Milner, PO Ryan Houghton, PO Sam Williams


Incident Details: While on patrol, Officer Milne observed the defendant in the area of Newark Street and River pushing another male. The officers walked over and separated the men. As officers Houghton and Milne requested his identification, he fled the scene. The officers were able to apprehend him a short distance away. He was placed under arrest for Obstruction and transported to headquarters for processing where he received a summons to appear I court. During the commotion, the other male had left the scene and was not located.


3. Arrestee: Nelson Mendez Age 25 Ridgefield Park NJ

Charges: Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest

Arrest date and time: 3/3/18 3:45 pm

Officers Involved: Det. Anthony Caruso, Sgt Charles Kucz, Members of the NJ State Alcohol Beverage Control


Incident Details: While conducting a random ABC check of one of the establishments, the officers encountered an irate female screaming at staff. The defendant approached and attempted to push his way into the establishment pushing DCJ Detective Nicole Eiker against the wall in the process. His attempt was stopped and he began to walk away ignoring the officer’s commands to stop. He was stopped a short distance away and as they attempted to place him under arrest, he began to resist by swinging his arms and preventing the officers from handcuffing him. They were able to regain control and place him under arrest. He was transported to headquarters for processing where a summons complaint was generated. He was later released with a court appearance. The Detective did not suffer any serious injuries from the assault.


4. Arrestee: Confidential Domestic Violence

Charges: Aggravated Assault

Arrest date and time: 3/4/18 12:59 am

Officers Involved: PO Fabian Quinones, PO Michael Straten, PO Harry Montalvo, Sgt Donald Rosso


Incident Details: The officers were dispatched to house of que on a report of a dispute. They arrive to find two males sitting on a bench one of which was bleeding from the mouth. Both of the males would not cooperate with the officers and refused to provide information as to what occurred. It was later determined that one of the males was escorted out of the bar and was upset. The second male, while attempting to calm him down, was struck in the mouth causing the injury. The defendant was placed under arrest and transported to headquarters for processing. A summons complaint was generated and he was later released with a court appearance.


5. Christopher Conner Age 25 South Bound Brook NJ

At approximately 4:41 pm officers were dispatched to 401 Sinatra Drive on a report of a man who jumped in the river. Officers arrived to find the male in the water swimming towards the shore. After speaking with the male it was explained that he jumped in the water on a dare by his friends. The ambulance was called to assess the male and he was later transported to the hospital for treatment. He was later issued (2) summonses, Disorderly Conduct and Swimming in Water Adjoining a Park.


     The Hoboken Police Department responded to (386) calls for service. Below you will find a breakdown of the calls for service.

  1. Ambulance transports to the hospital (23)
  2. Arrest (4)
  3. Total City Ordinances issues (37)
  4. Total motor Vehicle summonses (Parking & moving Violations) (38)
  5. Total Civilian complaints (1)
  6. Sexual Assaults (none)
  7. Total Number of Tavern sheets (3)