Promotions and New Induction: A Day of Celebration at Hoboken Police Department

Hoboken Police Department Promotions
PHOTO CAPTION: From left to right: Police Officer Anthony Ingraffia, Sgt. James Barbro, Sgt. Justin DePascale, Sgt. Joseph Mezzina, Lt. Donald Rosso.

Hoboken Police Department Announces Promotions and New Addition

Hoboken, NJ – On September 13, 2023, the Hoboken Police Department held a ceremony at City Hall to announce the promotion of four officers and the induction of a new member. The event was attended by Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla, Public Safety Director Ken Ferrante, Police Chief Steven Aguiar, and the families of the honored officers.

Sergeant Donald Rosso has been elevated to the position of Lieutenant. Meanwhile, Police Officers Joseph Mezzina, James Barbro, and Detective Justin DePascale have been promoted to Sergeants.

Additionally, Police Officer Anthony Ingraffia, previously with the Elmwood Park Police Department, has joined the Hoboken Police Department through an intergovernmental transfer.

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla expressed his appreciation for the officers’ dedication to Hoboken and extended a warm welcome to Officer Ingraffia. Public Safety Director Ken Ferrante highlighted the officers’ commitment to the community, especially given the challenges of policing in recent times. Police Chief Steven Aguiar voiced his confidence in the officers’ ability to handle their new roles and thanked them for their continued service.

The Hoboken Police Department, with the inclusion of Officer Ingraffia and five trainees at the Bergen County Police Academy, is progressing towards its organizational goal of 146 officers. Following a decision by the Hoboken City Council to remove residency requirements, the department is actively seeking qualified candidates from throughout the state. More details about employment opportunities with the Hoboken Police Department can be found at: Hoboken PD Employment Opportunities.


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