Hoboken Police Utilization of ALPR System Lead To Warrant Arrest


HOBOKEN – On Monday, February 9, 2015, Hoboken PD utilized the Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) and received a hit on a vehicle at 33 Newark St., officials stated.

“ALPR is a system that police departments use now that allow police officers to utilize a computer system that video tapes license plates as they pass by,” Lt. Lobue stated.

These ALPR devices, which are usually mounted to police vehicles, offer many purposes; to identity vehicles associated with a crime, assist with parking and traffic management as well as tollbooth operations. The device captures photos of license plates at the rate of hundreds per minute. If the license plate matches a specific incident the officer will receive an alert.

This is exactly what happened yesterday. The vehicle that the ALPR system recognized belonged to Tara Mitchell, a 41 year old female from Newark with an outstanding warrant out of Jersey City. The vehicle was stopped and the warrant was confirmed from Jersey City. Mitchell was transported to Jersey City where she was placed under arrest for an outstanding motor vehicle violation.