Hoboken Releases the Top 5 Potential Sites for NY Waterway’s Ferry Repair and Refueling Station

The City of Hoboken on Tuesday released the results of a study conducted by Boswell Engineering to assess all potential sites for New York Waterway’s ferry repair and refueling station.

The study shows similar results as the study conducted by NJ Transit in 2009, both of which reached the same conclusion, that the best option is Lakawana Terminal in south Hoboken, not the Union Dry Dock property. The City of Hoboken has been attempting to acquire Union Dry Dock to complete its contiguous public waterfront.

“I’m sure there are people saying this is a NIMBY issue, that we don’t want this in our backyard. We’re saying the exact opposite. We’re saying yes, we do want this in our backyard. We just don’t want it in a residential area of Hoboken. We want it in an area of Hoboken that’s appropriate, and that appropriate location is our transit hub at Lakawanna Terminal,” said Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla.

The study analyzed 24 properties from the George Washington Bridge to the New York Bay in Bayonne, ultimately focusing on the five most feasible locations. The locations were measured on a range of criteria, including capacity, zoning/use compatibility, development timing, accessibility, public safety, environmental constraints, future expansion, and cost. The sites are ranked as follows:

  1. Hoboken South (Lakawanna Terminal)
  2. Bayonne Peninsula
  3. Binghamton Ferry Site
  4. Union Dry Dock
  5. Port Imperial Ferry Terminal

Citing this new study as well as NJ Transit’s 2009 study, Mayor Bhalla is calling on Governor Murphy to urge New York Waterway to choose an alternate location, such as Lakawanna Terminal, and allow the City of Hoboken to purchase the Union Dry Dock property at a fair market value.