Hoboken residents seem to support Mayor Zimmer amidst Sandygate

Hoboken residents seem to support Mayor Zimmer amidst Sandygate. Residents spoke to HCTV outside of city hall regarding the latest scandal regarding Hurricane Sandy aid.


  1. Excellent reporting, John, as always. Your reporting is shining a bright light on compelling subjects. All interviewees were spit on, especially Mr. Notre Dame. Today’s Jersey Journal also had an excellent article on the subject, by Terrance McDinald, if I am not mistaken. Cingratulations to the Hoboken Planning Board for not setting the stage for what could have been a 30 year abatement consideration had it declared an area at the center of Mayor Zimmer’s allegations an area in need if developnent instead if rehabilitation. No doubt Mayor Zimmer is aware that 30 year abatements do not pay ANY school taxes and only 5% of the PILOT goes to the county. WNY Pkanning Board, take good notes. Thus is how a planning board us supposed to function. For the people,not the developers.

    Patrick R. Cullen, Jr.
    Candidate, WNY Board of Education Trustee 1/28/14 special election