Hoboken Announces Series of Road Closures for September 8th

Hoboken Road Closures
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Hoboken Announces Road Closures for Friday, September 8th

HOBOKEN, NJ – The Hoboken Police Department (@HobokenPD) has announced a series of road closures in the city for Friday, September 8th. Residents and visitors are advised to be aware of these changes and plan their routes accordingly.

Full Road Closures:

  1. 9th & Castle Point
  2. Sinatra & Newark-4th (Note: This closure will be in effect for the entire weekend due to the Italian festival.)
  3. 3rd & Park
  4. 10th & Clinton
  5. 8th & Grand

Partial Road Closures:

  1. 59 Newark
  2. 225 Park
  3. 71 Madison
  4. 14th & Jefferson
  5. 720 Monroe

The police department has not specified the reasons for all the closures, but the Italian festival is one of the events causing disruptions. Residents are encouraged to take note of these closures and seek alternative routes where necessary.

Motorists are urged to exercise caution when driving in the vicinity of these closures and to obey all traffic signs and signals.

The Hoboken Police Department will continue to provide updates on any changes to the road closures as necessary.


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