Hoboken Expands School Zones and Introduces 15 mph Speed Limit

Hoboken School Zone Speed Limit
The new school zone speed limit will be in effect during arrival, dismissal, and recess

HOBOKEN, NJ – In a significant move towards child safety, the City of Hoboken and the Hoboken Public Safety Department have announced the expansion of school zones to include all K-12 schools in the city. Along with this, a new school zone speed limit of 15 mph has been introduced.

This unanimous decision by the Hoboken City Council is a part of Hoboken’s Vision Zero Action plan. The primary aim is to ensure safer streets around schools, which see a higher percentage of vulnerable road users, especially children.

The 15-mph speed limit will be active during school arrival, dismissal, and recess times. It will be applicable on streets surrounding schools when children are visibly present. Signage indicating the new speed limit will be installed before the ordinance becomes effective on September 12. The locations designated as school zones have been thoroughly vetted by the Hoboken Public School District and the Hoboken Public Safety Department. A detailed map of these locations can be found here.

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating, “Lowering the speed limit around schools to better protect our most vulnerable and precious pedestrians, our children, has been a priority under the Vision Zero initiative. We remain committed to providing safe routes for students to walk and bike to and from school.”

Public Safety Director Ken Ferrante highlighted the significance of vehicle speed in crash severity. He thanked the City Council for approving this potentially lifesaving change. Dr. Christine Johnson, Hoboken Public School District Superintendent, also praised the decision, emphasizing the importance of child safety during school commutes.

Violators of the speed limit in New Jersey could face fines and points on their license. The Hoboken Police will continue to enforce all traffic laws. It’s worth noting that the city-wide speed limit, outside of school zones, remains at 20 mph.

The introduction of the school zone speed limit is a pivotal action in the City’s Vision Zero Action Plan. Adopted in 2021 by the Hoboken City Council, the initiative aims to eradicate all traffic-related deaths and injuries in Hoboken by 2030. Studies have shown that reduced speed limits can significantly decrease the severity of injuries in pedestrian accidents.

Hoboken has also been proactive in implementing Vision Zero infrastructure upgrades. These primarily target high pedestrian volume areas like intersections, parks, schools, senior buildings, and public housing. Some recent enhancements include concrete curb extensions near prominent schools and the addition of high visibility crosswalks.

Since the Vision Zero initiative’s inception, Hoboken has successfully prevented any traffic-related deaths, countering the rising regional and national trends in severe traffic injuries and fatalities. For more information on Hoboken’s Vision Zero initiative, visit www.vzhoboken.com.