Hoboken Faces State of Emergency Amidst Intense Rainfall and Flooding

Hoboken State of Emergency

Hudson County News Alert: Hoboken Declares State of Emergency Due to Flooding

Attention Hudson County residents,

Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla, in collaboration with the Hoboken Office of Emergency Management (OEM), has announced a State of Emergency (SOE) for Hoboken due to the significant rainfall and subsequent flooding affecting the majority of the city. This emergency status is effective immediately and will remain so until further updates are provided.

Mayor Bhalla emphasized, “The well-being and safety of our community members are paramount. Given the extensive flooding in Hoboken and the surrounding tri-state region, I strongly advise residents to refrain from traveling unless absolutely necessary. Please respect the safety measures in place, such as not relocating barricades or attempting to navigate through floodwaters.”

Hoboken OEM Coordinator, Sgt. William Montanez, added, “This declaration is crucial for our ongoing efforts to safeguard both individuals and properties during this storm and its aftermath. We implore everyone to exercise caution, avoid non-essential travel, and respect all safety protocols.”

The National Weather Service has sounded a flash flood alert for Hudson County, including Hoboken. This morning’s high tide, combined with the intense rainfall, has led to widespread flooding across the city. While flood mitigation measures like pumping stations and resiliency parks are functioning at full capacity, the severity of the weather might challenge our city’s infrastructure limits.

The OEM strongly advises residents to remain indoors and avoid any non-essential outings. It’s crucial to note that relocating barricades or attempting to drive through floodwaters can obstruct emergency services. Violators may face penalties from the Hoboken Police Department.

In coordination with the city, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Christine Johnson has confirmed that the Hoboken Public School District will adhere to its regular dismissal schedule. However, all after-school programs have been suspended for the day.

Due to the flooding situation, the City’s Multi-Service Center will shut its doors from 12:30 p.m. onwards.

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